Explore the World of RIpley's Traveling Shows

                  Limited Engagements


                  Ripley’s Traveling Shows are interactive, portable, one-of-a-kind experiences. Based on our nearly 100 years of history, artifacts, intellectual property, and media, we have customized our special exhibitions to meet the needs of our partners and their venues.

                  We have created experiences on:

                  • Science
                  • Art & Sculpture
                  • Weapons (Medieval to Present)
                  • American History
                  • Human & Animal Oddities
                  • Superstition
                  • Education
                  • Kids Adventures & Exploration


                  Unbelievable Opportunities in Travel Shows & Temporary Exhibitions

                  Supported by a corporate office and the resources of over 100 attractions in 12 countries, our business models have proven to have measurable impacts.

                  Based on a 98 year history of artifacts, intellectual property and media, our travel shows have seen over 1.5 million visitors since 2013!

                  Ideal for Art Museums, Children’s Museums, Malls, and Science Centers

                  • Custom Show Design
                  • Interactive Design & Development
                  • Flexible Space (2,000 – 20,000 sq-ft)
                  • Short-Term to Long-Term Leases
                  • Hands-On
                  • Educational
                  • Portable
                  • Family Friendly



                  SCIENCE OF RIPLEY’S

                  This 6,000 sq ft highly interactive traveling exhibit is an adventure through the remarkable realms of scientific discoveries and real artifacts.

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                  POP-UP SHOWS

                  Pop-Up-ShowsThis customizeable “Best of Ripley’s” show is ideal for temporary exhibit spaces for 6 months or longer. Includes 15 to 25 interactive pods, wall art, illusions, Ripley cartoons & characters, that can fit in spaces up to 15,000 square feet.

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                  WIGAN’S MICRO SCULPTURES

                  Featuring the World’s tiniest sculptures, the Willard Wigan exhibit features works of art inside the eye of a needle. With up to 1,200 square feet of exhibits, this interactive show is available for time periods of 3 months & up.

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                  RIPLEY’S ART COLLECTION

                  ripley-travel-art-showUnique one-of-a-kind art exhibit featuring works made from unconventional material. The experience can be enhanced by a free mobile app that allows guests to interact & learn throughout the exhibit.

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